A Pakistani health worker gives the polio vaccine to a child who crossed into Pakistan across the Pakistani-Afghan border at Chaman,

LAHORE, Aug 22,2013 (Waqar Gillani / UPI Next) — Abdul Qadeer Khan, the Pakistani nuclear scientist who fell into disfavor after confessing to passing Pakistani nuclear technology to other countries, has, after a failed bid to enter politics, turned to charity work.

His new project is the Dr. A.Q. Khan Hospital in Lahore, a 200-bed facility with up-to-date equipment to serve the poor, regardless of caste. It is expected to be completed within two years at a cost of $10 million, a pamphlet distributed by the hospital management committee indicates.

“I made a nuclear bomb, but maybe there will be no eternal reward for making it,” Khan told UPI Next. “There will surely be a reward for making a hospital.”

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